I am an OG blogger. I started my first blog in 2005. I was just out of college and I started writing to show my varied interests. I would attach a link to each resume I sent. In time that turned into a job working for an event planner that then lead me to interview at House & Garden magazine. I was one of the first web editors and I learned everything from coding to editing. After House & Garden folded I went to domino (under Deborah Needleman). I spent a few years there and then they folded too.

I bought my old house in Marblehead, Massachusetts at the end of 2008. We have been slowly renovating it since. My first blog chronicled a lot of the early renovations.

In 2013, I quit working for magazines and my blog. I was exhausted by new motherhood and PPD really set in. I scaled everything back in my life and I have kept life purposely simple the last 7 years.

Even though I haven’t been writing; I am still creating. I am endlessly curious and always looking to solve a new design challenge or learn a new craft.

This new blog is a collection of my design ideas and expertise I have gathered over the last 15 years in publishing, home ownership, design and parenting. I can’t wait to share all my projects and build this community with you. I look forward to many new adventures. It only seems fitting I start again with a blog.

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