3 Ways to Reuse Your Hippy Tapestry From College

3 Ways to Reuse Your Hippy Tapestry From College

Remove from the wall and use to cover an upholstered headboard

I am a child of the 90’s and when we went to college many of us brought with us a tapestry to hang over our bed in our dorm room. They were considered this kinda hippy accessory that went a long with tie dye. But just like tie dye what is old is new again. Block print tapestries can still be found at hippy shops but also at online retailers too. They are affordable and can be used in many ways. I share three ways to rethink the tapestry using this cotton tapestry at mexicaliblues.com.

  1. Wrap it around your headboard I picked up a twin size tapestry from mexicaliblues.com and wrapped it around my upholstered headboard. The print instantly updated the room and made it feel more Springy. I didn’t do anything special other then wrapping, folding and tucking it around. You could secure with a few straight pins on the back. When I get bored with fabric I can just take it off. An easy and doable update.

2. Use it as a tablecloth There are so many options now with tapestries. Many of the colors are brighter and more saturated. The twin size sheet fit perfectly over my dining room table. The colors with the daffodils and my thrift store napkins are happy. When I walk in the room it’s like, POW COLOR!

3. Use as a bedspread You could do this two ways. Lay on your entire bed during the hot summer months. Or fold it up and put at the end of your bed over a coverlet. I see fancy designers like Ben Pentreath do this all the time. It just adds an extra layer of color into the room. As we transition our beds from down comforters and wool blankets this is a great go between.

Provincial Block Print Tapestry, $25, mexicaliblues.com
Indian Hand Block Printed Geometric Bedspread, $75, etsy.com
Indian Hand-block Printed Floral Bedspread, $85, etsy.com
India Arts Sunflower Print Tapestry Cotton Bedspread, $22, amazon.com
Block Print Indian Tapestry Cotton Bedspread, $40, amazon.com

Vintage Kilim Runners Under $300

Vintage Kilim Runners Under $300

Some late night searching lead me to this beautiful and unique rug on ebay

I spend way too much time on phone lately. Late one night I went down a rabbit hole when I couldn’t sleep searching for kilim runner rugs. I found a ton I loved on ebay. But I was a little concerned about buying a rug off ebay from Turkey. What if it was a scam? What if it took months to get here? I decided to take the plunge and order one.

This runner came in the mail about a week after I purchased. It was wrapped really well and when I rolled the rug out it was clean and ready to go. I’ve read reviews that sometimes old rugs can be smelly or really dirty. This rug looked exactly as pictured on ebay. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

The prices are so reasonable and comparable to a knock off mass market rugs I have spotted on Overstock. Wouldn’t you rather have the real thing? I know I would. My rug is unique and literally nobody is going to have the same one.

When I was trying to decide if I wanted to purchase the runner I sent over to my friend, Constanca. She sent back the below photo from Robert Kime’s collection. My rug is so similar in pattern and color. The check feels really fresh. And if Robert Kime likes it (I bow to him) I had to purchase the rug.

Robert Kime, “KARSAMBA”, a woven design inspired by an early 19th Century Anatolian hanging, robertkime.com

So here is my secret source, Turkishkilim. I choose a few of my favorites from their current selections online. I am really drawn to the more pastel versions. A few of them feel similar to a Swedish kilims which can go for thousands of dollars at dealer shops. Scoop these up before they become too cool and none of us can afford them too. Links to buy in captions, happy scrolling!

Vintage Adana Hallway Kilim Runner, $259, ebay.com

Anatolia Kayseri Kilim Runner Rug, $189, ebay.com (SOLD) but similar here.

Turkish Adana Kilim Runner, $215, ebay.com
Turkish Kilim Runner Long Rug Carpet, $129, ebay.com
Turkish Kilim Runner Rug, $179, ebay.com
Adana Turkish Hallway Kilim, $149, ebay.com


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